When I give (underwater) workshops, Photoshoots on Bonaire or I have a collaboration with an other colleague on Bonaire. They led me to the conclusion that much heart, and an invisible presence of the photographer during the event, creates best results for a real reportage.

When we go out for a photoshoot I normally go to a nice and quiet beach. But it’s all up to you. If you want to go to Washikemba, 1000 Steps, Slave huts, Washington Slagbaai or any other place, it’s possible! It’s your photoshoot on Bonaire. The same for your wedding, it’s your day. Together we’re going to set up a nice photography shoot on Bonaire.

Photoshoot at Redslave huts

For me a beautiful picture is something subjective. It doesn’t have to be technically perfect to be beautiful. It needs to be able to capture unique moments and feelings. Let’s make memories!

In one single image, there is so much to say and, even more, transmit to those who look at it. I like to get involved emotionally in front the love stories of my couples, this is the secret of the success.

Please for more info and prices about Photoshoot on Bonaire send me an email: More info about a photoshoot on Bonaire. Do you want to have more info about getting married on Bonaire take a look on this website: Getting married on Bonaire

Wedding Photography Bonaire
Wedding Photography Bonaire
Photoshoots on Bonaire
Wedding Photography Bonaire

TIP: Plan your shoot later in your Holiday, so you can work on your teint.

Wedding photography on Bonaire
Wedding Photography Bonaire

Do you like to go out on photography tour on Bonaire? Getting bored during your stay on Bonaire? Take a tour! There are several options for you. They are private and not more then 4 persons.