I’m offering Photography Tours Bonaire. We’ll visit all the beautiful places of Bonaire.

  • Slavehuts (Red & White)
  • Saltpier & Saltpans
  • 1000 Steps (beautiful stair to the beach, it’s only 74 steps)
  • Washikemba (This is the rough east-coast of Bonaire)
  • Scenic road to the north 
  • Goto Lake (lots of Flamingo’s)
  • Rincon (Oldest place on Bonaire)

Photography tours Bonaire – Cultural & Beautiful

All types of camera’s are welcome. Depending your wishes we’ll set up a time schedule. Light is very important on Bonaire. So, depending on the things you want to see we can split the day in two. Some parts of Bonaire you have to photograph during the end of the morning and other parts around sunset.

Prices: $160,- for half a day and $299,- for a whole day.
Special rates for locals (sedula)
Including: Pick-up, drinks and a small lunch

If you’re looking for photography tips take a look at: Tips Photography

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Photography Tours Bonaire

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