Join me for a full week of night photography 5 – 9 July 2021!
Why so far ahead? It has to do with the position of the Milky Way. Around this time of year it’s perfectly positioned because we can add some foregrounds to it.

Places we visit:
– Lighthouse Willemstoren
– Slavehuts
– Goto Lake
– Spelonk Lighthouse

First we start off with some theory:

  • Which apps do you need to use
  • How to decide where to go
  • How to set your camera
  • How to set your lens manual

What do you need to bring:

  • Tripod
  • Torch
  • Widest angle lens you have
  • Chair
  • Drinks and snacks

Time: Meeting at 7pm at Kooyman for Spelonk Lighthouse
Time: Meeting at 7pm at roundabout DA for Goto Lake
Time: Meeting at 7:30pm at Ocean Oasis for Willemstoren Lighthouse

Price: 5 nights for $250

Maximum of 4 people! Interested? Send me a message or a Whatsapp at +599 777 4567
Only 2 places available!

Night Photography Week 2021 Bonaire
Night Photography Week 2021 Bonaire
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