Join me on a night photography Bonaire trip. Bonaire has only two dark places left. Lighthouse Willemstoren is one of them. Taking pictures at evening/night of the Milky Way and stars is different then during day time. You’ll need different settings. We’ll start with some theory on the spot where we are going to make some beautiful shots.
Depending on the moon and visibility of the Milky Way we’ll plan our trip. The trip has a duration of about 4 hours in total.

What gear do you need?

  • Tripod
  • Camera (ISO needs to get as high as 6400)
  • Lens (preferably 24mm of wider with an aperture < f4 if possible. 
  • Headlight with red-light (we have to get used to the dark)

What do you get?

  • Theory
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Playing with light
  • Pick up at resort or private house


  • Chair
  • Blanket
  • Remote control

Price $99 per person

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Bonaire Night Photography