If you haven’t done it before, photographing fireworks might appear difficult. But it’s not!

Everything is about preparation:

  • Location
  • Foreground (people, trees or big rocks)
  • Tripod (you really need a tripod)
  • Settings (manual, focus, shutter speed, aperture and ISO)

Fire works settings:

  • Set your camera in the M-mode
  • Set your lens to manual focus but before you do focus on a point as far away as possible. Once you focused put your lens in the manual focus setting.
  • One of the most important settings is your shutter speed. A good shutter speed is around 6 seconds. So, this means push the shutter and it will take 6 seconds before you have the picture ready. But go experience with a little more and a little less and see the differences.
  • Set your ISO. As with every situation, you want to use as low an ISO as possible. Because you will be using a long shutter speed. It’s really important because you’ll get a lot of noise in your picture when you’re using a high ISO. So, start with an ISO of 100 and just try. If it’s not ok go a little higher but be aware of noise.
  • The last setting is about aperture. Your Depth of field is not really important in these of shots. So, you can safely use an aperture of f/8 and try with that or go with a little less or more.

The moment!
Start taking pictures when it starts and don’t wait too long because there will be a lot of smoke and debris in the sky

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