Welcome to Drone Photography Bonaire. I want to start with an important rule on Bonaire. It’s not allowed to fly a drone on Bonaire.

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Are you looking for amazing drone shots of the Salt Pier or maybe the Slavehuts, Washikemba, Lac Cai or any other place? Just let me know and together we can make it happen. I can let it print on HD metal for you. That’s really awesome on your wall.


Do you like a certain area on Bonaire to be mapped? Maybe you want to give different perspectives on ecological happenings (flooding for instance) That’s all possible. As the picture shows we put a ‘fence’ around your area and systematically we map the place by making hundreds or even maybe thousands of pictures. Trough a special program we upload all the pictures and make one picture of it. This means every part of the picture will be sharp and in focus. You can zoom in on every place in your mapped picture.

Real Estate Photography and Videography

Are you curious what your house looks like from above?
Contact me if you’re interested at whatsapp +599 777 4567 or email

Normally you can’t see the sand in the ocean after heavy rain fall. Only by drone it’s possible.

erosion bonaire


Contact me for prices via email, it’s different per assignment.

Workshop Drone Photography

You never flew a drone before and you want experience how it is? Or maybe you want go a little further in drone/videography. Send me an email and we’re making a nice plan for you.