Difficult times in the world, difficult times on Bonaire. A lot restaurants, churches, schools etc. are closed. On April 16th we had the very first case of Corona. It was a bit strange, there were 2 negative tests and one positive. So most likely the person had Corona but was almost healthy again.

Bonaire and corona virus (COVID-19) Casper Douma Photography

People are worried for their health but also for their jobs. Tourism is the biggest economic pilar on Bonaire. It’s totally gone right now. Let’s hope it will not take too long.

During this period I’ll post more pictures about our Dushi Boneiru and the virus.

Stay Safe!!

Bonaire is part of The Netherlands and is situated next to Curacao and Aruba (ABC-Islands) and Venezuela. Bonaire has around 20.000 inhabitants.

If you like more info about my pictures about Corona and Bonaire let me know through email.