Freediving Bonaire

Freediving is so much more than a sport, more than just a dive, more than a breathhold and more than all the technical details. It’s about you. How you feel inside, which attitude you have and what you think – it will all effect the way you are diving. Freediving is the ultimate challenge for both body and mind

All activities done on one breath can be considered freediving. But as for the freediving sport there are several disciplines for training and competing in freediving, ranging from a static breathhold to a underwater distance swim in a pool and a deep dive with or without fins. Many freedivers dive to spearfish or just to be a part of the underwater world, to float weightless in a feeling of freedom. – Annelie Pompe ( –

Freediving Bonaire

On Bonaire we have Carlos CosteĀ  (12x World Record Freediver and PADI & AIDA Instructor Trainer) and Gaby Coste (AIDA Judge Instructor, photographer and event producer)

They are very professional and organiseĀ Bonaire Deepsea Challenge 2017 every year. It’s a real nice contest and about free diving and friendship.

For more info about the contest or workshops please visit: Deepsea Bonaire

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